Fiberglass Lamination & Repair

Glass fiber is used as a reinforcing agent for many polymer products; to form a very strong and lightfiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) composite material called glass-reinforced plastic (GRP), popularly  known as “fiberglass”.


Fiberglass is an immensely versatile material which combines its light weight with an inherent strength to provide a weather resistant finish, with a variety of surface textures. FRP lining system consists of advantages of epoxies and strength from the reinforcement fiberglass.


This system provides excellent abrasion resistances and it can be applied directly to corroded steel of not more than 50% of the original thickness. There is little or no maintenance required for this system which in turn gives it cost saving and the long service life spans minimise any downtime for repairs or replacement. The application method is either the hand lay up method or the chopped fiber spray method.