About Us
FRP Products Co. Pte. Ltd. takes great pleasure
in offering you our
“One Stop Total Quality Services”
When you think of corrosion protection, think of FRP. As one of Singapore's leading corrosion protection specialists, our name is synonymous with one-stop total quality services. Incorporated in 1970, FRP Products Co. Pte Ltd provides comprehensive solutions in the field of protective coatings and lining applications for the oil, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries.
At FRP, we are steadfast in the quality of the services we provide, which we strive in our utmost to deliver on time. We are committed in providing high quality services to our clients, ensuring total customer satisfaction,
The close relationships we have with our suppliers allow FRP to provide superior, quality results at lower costs. So call us today and let us be your solution to your needs.
Our services include:

  • Fibreglass lamination and repair
  • Protective coating applications
  • Tank-lining applications
  • Thermal spray coating (TSA)
  • Factory blasting and painting
  • Dust-free abrasive blast cleaning
  • Scaffolding and insulation works